Charity Status Information
SFCS Charity Status Information
Name of Organisation:

Society for Continence (Singapore)
16 Kallang Place #07-03
Singapore 339156
Contact Information

Office: (65) 9889 0084
Fax: -
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Society for Continence (Singapore) is not an Institution of Public Character with effect from June 2011.

  • to disseminate information and educate healthcare professionals and the public on methods to promote urinary & bowel continence

  • to promote the education, training and rehabilitation of the incontinent and their general interests and welfare

  • to do such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects, the Society may:

    • render assistance to the incontinent through medical or non medical measures

    • provide an organisation to foster friendship, understanding and mutual encouragement among the incontinent

    • procure special benefits and concessions for the incontinent to better their condition

    • raise funds from the general public and to accept gifts or bequests from any person, body or organisation for the benefit of the incontinent and in furtherance of the objectives of the Society

    • create among the community and government an awareness of the special needs of the incontinent and solicit their cooperation and assistance for those afflicted with this malady as defined by the World Health Organisation as "The inability to control the discharge of urine or faeces which causes a social and hygienic problem for the community".
  • to make all Singaporeans to tackle the problem without any inhibition

  • to achieve substantial subsidy for medical/surgical procedures for incontinent sufferers in the coming years
No. of Beneficiaries : General Public

Key Employees : Ms Rani Vadiveloo, Executive Director

Auditor : D Arumugam & Co


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