The Public's View on Bedwetting
Survey Results
Three public forums on bed-wetting or nocturnal enuresis were conducted by the Society for Continence (Singapore) and the Singapore Paediatric Society on two Saturdays of March 1999. A questionnaire survey was done in order to determine the publicís view of the problem and how they have addressed it.
Majority of the attendees had a relative or friend who suffers from the condition. Interestingly, however, nearly 15% of the attending public had no personal acquaintance with a neuritic.
Nearly 50% of the bedwetters in the survey belonged to the 7-10 years age group. At least 2% were above 21 years old. Almost 80% of the neurotics had more that 3 wet nights per week.
More than 95% consider bedwetting a problem, realizing that the condition affects various aspects of the patientís life, particularly his self-esteem and school performance.
Despite the severity of the problem, almost three quarters of the bedwetters did not receive any form of treatment. Instead various approaches have been used to deal with the problem including punishing the child and ignoring the problem.
Majority of the public feels that doctors do not pay enough attention to the problem of bedwetting. This is perhaps that major reason why less than half discuss the condition with their physicians.
  • Most bedwetters are aged 7-10 years

  • Majority of the enuretics wet their beds at least 3 times per week

  • Only one third of enuretics have received some form of treatment

  • Over 95% of the patients and their families consider enuresis as a significant problem

  • Most people realize that bedwetting affects several aspects of the life of the sufferer and his family

  • Less than half discussed the problem of bedwetting with their doctor

  • Many feel that doctors do not pay enough attention to the problem of bedwetting