2008 Events
 Society for Urologic Nurses & Associates
When:28 Feb 2008
Where:Florida, USA
 Health Talk
When:15 Mar 2008
Where:Chong Pang Community Centre, Singapore
 European Urological Association
When:26 Mar 2008
Where:Milan, Italy
 By the Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Society
When:9 Apr 2008
Where:Moscow Russia
 By the Association for Continence Advice, UK
When:12 May 2008
Where:To be advised
 Event: By the American Urological Association
When:17 May 2008
Where:Orlando, USA
 Seminar on "OAB" & Launch of CPG
When:5 Jul 2008
Where:College of Medicine Building, Singapore
 International Consultant on Incontinence
When:5 Jul 2008
Where:Paris, France
 Public Forum on Pelvic Floor
When:19 Jul 2008
Where:(Tentative) Power House Auditorium, Singapore
 By the International Urogynaecological Association
When:3 Sep 2008
Where:Taipei, Taiwan
 By the Asian Congress of Urology
When:2 Oct 2008
Where:Delhi, India
 By the International Continence Society
When:20 Oct 2008
Where:Cairo, Egypt
 workshop on "Fecal Incontinence"
When:29 Nov 2008
Where:National University Hospital, Singapore
 Japan Asean Men's Health Congress
When:29 Nov 2008
 Workshop on "Urinary Incontinence & Urodynamcs Hands On"
When:30 Nov 2008
Where:National University Hospital, Singapore
A list of current events can be accessed here.