The 38th Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society (ICS) was held at the magnificent Cairo International Conference Centre from 20-24 October 2008. The 5-day conference offered a unique opportunity for specialists to network with incontinence experts from around the world. More than 2,000 experts from the field of urology, neurourology, (uro-) gynaecology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, paediatrics, pharmacology, engineering, physiotherapy, nursing and continence advisory arrived to discuss the latest medical and scientific developments and hot topics in the field of incontinence. They also attended state-of-the-art lectures by top speakers, point-counterpoint discussions and an extensive range of educational courses and workshops. This year’s conference, with CME accreditation, includes many new features and events.

Meet the Experts!

A ‘Meet the Experts’ session was organised by the ICS for the first time and was held on Wednesday, 22 October, 12:35pm – 1:30pm. The aim of the session is to provide an informal atmosphere where delegates can interact with experts, who gave their undivided attention: the perfect opportunity to gain knowledge, new insights, and of course to network over lunch. The session was opened to ICS members only and was on a ‘first-come-first- served’ basis.

ICS Continence Promotion Committee Public Forum

24 October 2008, Cairo. Following last year’s highly successful Public Forum in Rotterdam, the ICS Continence Promotion Committee held its 2nd Public Forum at the end of ICS 2008, on a Friday. The forum aimed to raise awareness and continue the committee’s vocation to tackle the stigma and taboos attached to this sensitive issue worldwide.

The Public Forum addressed the locals who attended to listen to the experts and learn more about the various aspects of incontinence. An estimated 400 attendees turned up for the Public Forum held at the Intercontinental Hotel. The event was jointly organised by Pan-Arab Continence Society and the ICS. Ms Rani Vadiveloo represented the Society for Continence (Singapore) and talked about “Collaborating to Increase Continence Awareness – Singapore Experience”.

Physiotherapy for non-physiotherapists

19 October 2008. The morning programme was intended for clinicians without pelvic floor physiotherapy facilities at their workplace or situation, those who are not familiar with pelvic floor physiotherapy and/or who are looking for a way to organise the activity in their workplace. The session gave a background on physiotherapy, how it can support the delegate’s work and how it can be organised locally.

7th physiotherapy round table

The round table afternoon session was intended for physiotherapists only. The programme was split into different sessions discussing several relevant topics such as: pelvic floor physiotherapy in children, pain/trigger points, prolapse, men, fitness and pregnancy, low back/pelvic pain and pelvic floor muscles, research and outcome measures.

Nurses’ meeting for Pan-Arab nurses

The afternoon session held on Sunday, 19 October, was attended by local and Pan-Arab nurses presently working with patients suffering from bladder and bowel problems. The session was specifically geared towards the attendees, the local and Pan-Arab nurses.

ICS Annual General Meeting

The ICS Annual General Meeting was held Friday, 24 October, 11:00am – 12.30pm.

Social events and tours

The Organising Committee prepared a wonderful social programme for all the delegates. A welcome reception was held on Tuesday, 21 October in the beautiful Chinese Gardens of the Cairo International Convention Centre. Guests experienced the famous Egyptian hospitality and enjoyed entertainment inspired by local cultures and arts.

Gala dinner

The sumptuous and exclusive Gala Dinner was held at the foot of the historic Great Pyramids of Giza where the delegates enjoyed dinner, dancing and a special performance of the “Sound & Light” display. The Gala Dinner was a unique and unforgettable evening for all attendees.

Pre- and post-meeting tours

For those interested in extending their stay in Egypt, a wide variety of fascinating pre- and postmeeting tours were available, varying from halfday sightseeing excursions to an Agatha Christieinspired 5-day cruise along the Nile which followed in the footsteps of Christie’s renowned character, Hercule Poirot.