Activities & Events

Promotional Activities

SFCS started its promotional activities soon after its formation. Health talks on incontinence management were organised at Singapore’s community centres and public forums (such as the Public Forum on Nocturnal Enuresis) were organised several times a year to address this problem and to create greater awareness to the public. The effort paid off as many people became aware of this problem and came forward for treatment. As a result of this exercise, in 1992 the Ministry of Health, Singapore invited Prof Peter H C Lim for a dialogue session to discuss further developments in continence services in Singapore hospitals.

Training & Development

Training and education has been categorised into three groups. Instructional courses and seminars are directed at general practitioners and doctors who are specialised in incontinence. Contemporary management of incontinence course/workshops and other focal group discussions are targeted at nurses. SFCS also organises special workshops and scientific meetings for nursing members to provide in-depth knowledge as part of the continuing medical education programme.

To this date , the SFCS has trained approximately 1,000 nurses and a hundred doctors locally and regionally. The Society organises public forums, community centre talk shows, product exhibitions, free counselling sessions and television/radio appearances bringing awareness about continence to thousands of people. Two books on Urinary Incontinence and one book on Faecal Incontinence Management have been published for doctors and nurses. Medical professionals in many Asian countries use these three books as training material.


A list of current events is here, along with a list of events from previous years: 2008 – 2010, 2011 – 2015, 2016 – 2020, 2021 – 2022.