1. What is bedwetting?

Bedwetting is uncontrollable wetting while being asleep by an otherwise healthy child beyond early childhood. Most bedwetters seeking treatment in Singapore are:
1. Five years or older, with the majority between 7-12 years old; and
2. Suffering from frequent bedwetting at least twice a week, with the majority (of occurrences) being almost every night.

2. How common is bedwetting?

The actual incidence rate of bedwetting in Singapore is unknown. However, it is believed to be quite common and there has been an increasing number of patients seeking treatment in recent years.

Its occurrence in Singapore might be under-reported as it has been found that many sufferers and parents are too embarrassed to seek treatment. There were also others who thought that (as) there is no effective treatment, they have to suffer in silence.

In Western countries, the problem is common with a reported incidence of 10% among 7-year-olds, 5% among 10-year-olds and 1% in the adult population.

3. Where can I get help?

You may seek advice and treatment from your family doctors.

You may also obtain advice and support from the Society of Continence (Singapore) or call its hotline@+65 62806690 for assistance.