A Personal Account of Living with Faecal Incontinence

Summary: Faecal incontinence affects relationships, employment and self-esteem.Author: The author is a registered nurse and specialist practitioner in sexual health. Her first degree is a BSc in sexual health. She [...]

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20th Anniversary Celebration

The Society for Continence (Singapore) held its 20th Anniversary Celebration on 25 June 2011 at the Grassroots’ Club. Eleven nursing homes were invited to the Celebration and were presented [...]

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Complete Continence Care for Women

Source: Dr Siow Woei Yun speaking at a seminar organised for GPs by SFCS on 26 June 2010. Authors: Dr Siow Woei Yun, Consultant Urologist, Raffles Hospital. Urinary incontinence [...]

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Management of Incontinence In-Service training programme (2011)

Society for Continence (Singapore) has been constantly engaging itself in community-based programmes since its formation. After running projects in educating incontinence sufferers, caregivers, nurses and doctors, we have now embarked [...]

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Urinary Incontinence

Author: Associate Prof Siow Woei Yun, Raffles Hospital Urinary incontinence refers to the involuntary leak of urine. It affects approximately 30-40% of women worldwide. The commonest causes of urine leak [...]

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Health Talk on Urinary Incontinence

Some 15 people participated in the Workshop on Urinary Incontinence at Kampong Ubi Community Club on 4 July 2009. Participants comprised both English and Mandarin speaking people. Most of them [...]

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Urinary Track Infection

Author: Associate Prof Siow Woei Yun, Raffles Hospital Fifty percent of women will suffer at least one urinary tract infection during their lifetimes. Some will experience recurrent urinary tract [...]

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SGH Pelvic Floor Disorder Service

A Collaborative Patient-Centered ServiceSource: Ms Juriyah Yatim, RN, MN was speaking at the World Continence Week 2010 Public Forum held on 12 June 2010.Authors: Ms Juriyah Yatim, RN, MN, Advanced [...]

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