Society for Continence (Singapore) has been constantly engaging itself in community-based programmes since its formation. After running projects in educating incontinence sufferers, caregivers, nurses and doctors, we have now embarked on an in-service training programme on incontinence for nurses in nursing homes.

The well known fact of the rapidly aging population in Singapore coupled with increase in life expectancy has led to the growing number of residents at nursing homes.

Most residents, patients in nursing homes are 75 years old and above and are partially or fully immobile. About 70% suffer from urinary incontinence and substantial number from feacal incontinence. Nurses are repeatedly challenged with the difficult task of managing patients with urinary incontinence problems and are quite innovative in coming up with their own solutions to manage the patients and take pride in it.

Our Society’s volunteer nurse Chia Hwee Huang conducted in-service training programmes for 10 nursing homes during this year. They are :

Sree Narayana Mission Home
Ang Mo Kio – Thye Hua Kwan Hospital Ltd
St. Luke’s Hospital
Villa Francis Home for the Aged
Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens
Tai Pei Old People’s Home
St. Joseph’s Home
The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home
Thong Teck Home for Senior Citizens
United Medicare Centre

We are indeed glad to know that many nursing homes are keen to learn about the latest techniques and methods available to manage incontinence so that the residents can benefit and feel more comfortable and confident. In 2011, 115 nurses were trained to manage incontinent patients through our training.

Ninety percent of nurses who attended this programme said that the course has broadened their knowledge and skill that they need to apply in their job.