38th Annual Meeting of the ICS – Cairo, Egypt

The 38th Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society (ICS) was held at the magnificent Cairo International Conference Centre from 20-24 October 2008. The 5-day conference offered a unique [...]

38th Annual Meeting of the ICS – Cairo, Egypt2020-08-20T13:19:31+00:00

Changing Treatments for Overactive Bladder

Summary: Overactive bladder is a common urological diagnosis which is often untreated as patients fail to seek help for this embarrassing problem. Elizabeth Waine and Mark Stott summarise the [...]

Changing Treatments for Overactive Bladder2020-08-20T13:10:32+00:00

Continence Promotion Committee (CPC) Restructuring

The ICS Continence Promotion Committee (CPC) has recently re-structured to support its growing portfolio of activities, including the 1st Public Forum in Rotterdam in the Netherlands that took place in [...]

Continence Promotion Committee (CPC) Restructuring2020-08-20T12:51:37+00:00

Coping with Continence Problems at Work

Summary: Debra Evans reports the results of explanatory research that explored the impact of continence problems on the ability to work. Source: This article was adopted from Association for [...]

Coping with Continence Problems at Work2020-08-20T12:50:28+00:00

Encouraging Adolescents to Seek Continence Help

Summary: Anne Weaver and Eileen Jacques outline continence problems that may affect young people and discuss how nurses can play a key role in engaging them in appropriate and [...]

Encouraging Adolescents to Seek Continence Help2020-08-20T11:27:17+00:00


Introduction Author: Dr Marie Carmella Lapitan Nocturnal enuresis, commonly known as bedwetting, is the involuntary discharge of urine during sleep by a child old enough to be expected to [...]


Management of Urinary Incontinence

Report on Talk: Management of Urinary Incontinence Involuntary leak of urine (incontinence) is a growing concern among the aging people and its effects on socio-economic condition of any [...]

Management of Urinary Incontinence2020-08-20T10:39:43+00:00

Men and their Urinary Symptoms

Men and their urinary symptoms: an evidence-based approach to their management Author: Hirst G. From: Australian Continence journal 1999; 5(1):4-5. There can be little doubt that news about ‘the [...]

Men and their Urinary Symptoms2020-08-20T10:37:32+00:00

Preventing Constipation in Critically ill Patients

Summary: In 2003 an audit was carried out on an ICU which demonstrated that the incidence of constipation was high and that this could contribute to the failure to [...]

Preventing Constipation in Critically ill Patients2020-08-20T11:36:43+00:00

Procedure to Undertake a Trial without Catheter

Summary: Rachel Gilbert outlines the evidence and theory underpinning the procedure for a trial without catheter, including the rationale, patient education, monitoring and evaluation methods and potential complications. Source: [...]

Procedure to Undertake a Trial without Catheter2020-08-20T10:29:00+00:00
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